Moore Middle School Volleyball


  • Timeline and details

    • Volleyball is at the beginning of the school year and ends in late October.

    • Tryouts- These are typically the first 3 days of school. We will carry 20-22 girls to fill 2 teams (A team and B team)per grade (Around 20-22-7th graders and Around 20-22-8th graders)

  • Practice times:

    • Monday: Athletic Period-5:00

    • Tuesday: Athletic Period-4:30

    • Wednesday: Athletic Period-4:30

    • Thursday: GAME DAY!!

    • Friday: Athletic Period-NO AFTERSCHOOL

  • Gameday

    • Games are played on Thursdays Starting at 5:30 pm

    • A Teams Typically have 2 Tournaments during the Season on Saturdays

    • B Teams Typically have 1 Tournament during the Season on Saturdays

  • Equipment needed

    • Knee Pads, Dark Grey spandex, and workout clothing (orange, white, or grey)

  • Equipment provided

    • Jersey and Volleyballs

  • Recommended equipment

    • Court Shoes (Volleyball or Basketball)

Michelle Rodriguez

Head Volleyball Coach