• Timeline and details

    • The wrestling season is from November through February.

  • Practice times:

    • TBD

  • Gameday

    • TBD

  • Equipment needed

    • Wrestling Shoes

    • Work out shorts of acceptable length

      or sweatpants in white, gray, or orange. (no pockets)

    • Compression shorts to wear under shorts. Leggings for ladies are acceptable. 

    • Short sleeve workout shirts; white, gray, or orange. (no hoodies, cutoff, or sleeveless shirts allowed. Compression shirts/ rash guards are acceptable)

  • Equipment provided

    • Singlets

    • Head Gear

    • All competition gear and bags for Duals/Tournaments will be provided.

  • Recommended equipment

    • Knee Pads

    • Mouthpiece

    • Practice Singlet

  • Additional Information

    • Wrestling is a combat sport that requires physical contact with wrestling partners, coaches, and competitors. Proper measures to mitigate the risks of skin infections and fungi need to be taken seriously. Please make sure you are wearing clean clothes to work out every day and make sure you are handling personal hygiene every day. Fingernails need to be clipped to prevent scratching and cuts and gentlemen need to be clean-shaven, also if you have long hair please make sure to bring hair ties to secure hair, no clips, bobby pins or headbands will be allowed, you may wear headgear during practice to prevent cauliflower ear and to also serve as a device to hold your hair in place. 

Matthew Moyer

Daniel Frescas

Head Wrestling Coach