Moore Middle School Tennis


  • Timeline and details

    • Tryouts will take place in the first 2 weeks of the season. Typically we will keep around 20 on the team, although usually, only the top 8 to 12 may play in any matches. Making the team does not guarantee any playing time. Those coming out for Tennis in the Spring will have 2 weeks to make the team, just as everyone else did in the Fall.

  • Practice times:

    • Middle School practices take place from 7AM until 8AM. Gates open at 6:45AM. Practices are built around the High School and Middle School game schedule so they are not on set days and each week may have a different practice schedule, although the times will remain the same. Furthermore, cold temperatures, rain, fog, or extreme humidity can and does cause frequent disruptions to the practice and game schedules.

  • Gameday

    • Fall Tennis: Matches are typically played on Mondays or Tuesdays after school.

    • Spring Tennis: A combination of Matches played during the week, after school, and tournaments, played all day on Saturdays.

  • Equipment needed

    • Tennis racket, proper shoes, workout clothing (orange, white, or grey), water bottle

  • Equipment provided

    • Tennis balls

  • Recommended equipment

    • Hand towel, over grip, and visor, hat or sunglasses.

Matt Moyer

Matt Moyer

Head Tennis Coach