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  • Timeline and details

    • Tryouts will take place the last week of July. Pre-season workouts take place starting the first week of August and continue until the first day of school.

  • Practice times:

    • Boys: Daily practice starting during the Athletics period until 5:30PM. Those taking part in other sports off-seasons may come to practice after they are finished with their workouts until 5:30PM.

    • Girls: 7:45AM through the Athletic Period. After-school practice continues until 5:30PM

  • Gameday

    • Fall Tennis:

      • Varsity Matches - Mondays or Tuesdays

      • JV Matches - Thursdays

    • Spring Tennis:

      • Varsity Tournaments are typically all-day events on Fridays

      • JV Tournaments are typically all-day events earlier in the week

  • Equipment needed

    • Tennis racket, proper shoes, workout clothing (orange, white, or grey), water bottle

  • Equipment provided

    • Tennis balls and game uniforms

  • Recommended equipment

    • Hand towel, over grip, and visor, hat or sunglasses

Matthew Moyer

Matthew Moyer