Moore Middle School Track & Field


  • Timeline and details

    • The track season starts the second week in February and ends the second week in April. All CISD Athletes participate in Track practices. Many athletes will participate in meets but not all athletes due to restrictions on meet entries.

  • Practice times:

    • Boys: 7:30am - Athletic Period (There may be specific event practice earlier and after school)

    • Girls: Athletic Period - 4:30pm

  • Gameday

    • Track meets are held on Mondays and Tuesdays. All athletes are required to ride the bus to the meets. Parents can sign athletes out after the meet is completed.

  • Equipment needed

    • Proper running shoes, comfortable shorts, and a top that meets school dress code. Workout clothes that are orange, white, or gray only. Sweat top and sweat pants.

  • Equipment provided

    • Uniforms for Track Meets

  • Recommended equipment

    • Running shoes with good insole support and Dri fit socks

Troy Davis

Boys Coordinator

Loretta Francis