Moore Middle School Girls Basketball


  • Timeline and details

    • Basketball tryouts begin right after volleyball season is complete (early November) and ends in late February. Athletes are graded by a point system. (ball handling, layups, shooting, court play, and attitude) There will be no more than 10 girls on a team.

  • Practice times:

    • Monday: GAME Day!!

    • Tuesday: Athletic Period - 5:00

    • Wednesday: 3:50pm - 4:30

    • Thursday: Athletic Period – 4:30

    • Friday: Athletic Period

  • Gameday

    • Games are typically played on Mondays before Christmas break and on Thursdays after Christmas break. There will be two tournaments held on Saturday.

  • Equipment needed

    • Basketball shoes

  • Equipment provided

    • Game and practice uniforms

  • Recommended equipment

    • Ankle braces

Brittany Kanayo

Head Basketball Coach