School Board

The Board of Trustees consists of seven members who act as our district’s policy-making body. Trustees work with the Superintendent and staff to set the direction of the school district with the education and well-being of school children as its primary focus.

Board members are elected at-large by the citizens in CISD for three-year, staggered terms. They not only represent the public but also translate the needs of students into policies, goals, and strategies that reflect the standards and values of the community as a whole.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Hire and evaluate the superintendent

  • Approve the district’s budget

  • Establish goals and evaluate outcomes

  • Adopt and evaluate policies

  • Levy and collect taxes, and issue bonds

  • Order elections, canvass returns, declare results, and issue certificates of election as required by law.

  • Adhere to guidelines and policies mandated by the Texas Education Agency and the U.S. Department of Education

  • Communicate with the community, including the public recognition of student and teacher accomplishments