School Board

The Board of Trustees consists of seven members who act as our district’s policy-making body. Trustees work with the Superintendent and staff to set the direction of the school district with the education and well-being of school children as its primary focus.

Board members are elected at-large by the citizens in CISD for three-year, staggered terms. They not only represent the public but also translate the needs of students into policies, goals, and strategies that reflect the standards and values of the community as a whole.

Board Mission: Celina ISD will educate students at the highest levels, empower them to succeed, develop their leadership potential, instill faith-based traditional values, and prepare them to become contributing members of society.

Board Vision: Expecting Excellence. Inspiring Creativity. Growing Leaders.

Board Responsibilities:

  • Hire and evaluate the superintendent

  • Approve the district’s budget

  • Establish goals and evaluate outcomes

  • Adopt and evaluate policies

  • Levy and collect taxes, and issue bonds

  • Order elections, canvass returns, declare results, and issue certificates of election as required by law.

  • Adhere to guidelines and policies mandated by the Texas Education Agency and the U.S. Department of Education

  • Communicate with the community, including the public recognition of student and teacher accomplishments

Board Goals:

Goal 1: CISD will be an influential contributor to community organizations like The Chamber of Commerce, the City of Celina, The Celina Rotary Club, and Celina Local. 

Metric: The CISD Team routinely attends, speaks, and contributes to local organizations to communicate the work being done in CISD and the positive influence the district has on the community 

Goal 2: CISD will increase the percentage of students involved in co-curricular and extra curricular activities at all school levels. 

Metric: The percentage of students involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will increase each semester. 

Goal 3: CISD will develop a Leadership Pipeline that focuses on building the leadership capacity of teachers, staff, and administrators. 

Metric: Involving teachers, staff, and administrators, a Leadership Pipeline that builds the leadership capacity of those who are selected to attend will be developed (2023-24) and implemented (beginning 2024-2025). 

Goal 4: CISD will develop new CTE pathways aligned with student needs and interests. 

Metric: CISD will study (2023-2024), plan (2024-2025) and implement (2025-2026) new CTE pathways that allow students to receive workforce certificates aligned with workforce needs and student interests. Implementing new CTE pathways will depend on available space, equipment, and finances. 

Goal 5: CISD will incrementally improve the retention rate of teachers. 

Metric: Through the implementation of a variety of strategies, the retention rate of teachers will improve from year to year.