Student Registration

New Student Enrollment Process

To begin the enrollment process, we need to collect some information from you regarding your child.

To register a PK or Kindergarten student, you must first complete this form:

To register a student in grades 1-12, you must first complete this form:

PK students only:  PK students must meet certain eligibility requirements to enroll.  To determine if your 4 year old will meet eligibility criteria, please complete the PK Eligibility form:

Once we have received initial student registration information, campus personnel will reach out to you to provide next steps.  The following instructions must be followed carefully to complete the enrollment process.  Your child’s enrollment will not be complete until all forms and required documents have been received by the district.

To verify that your address falls within the Celina ISD attendance zones, please use the Address Verification resources at the bottom of this page.  You may also read more about transportation and registering your child for bus services if needed.



  • Place caps lock on.
  • Better functionality if using laptop or computer.
  • You will need your email. Open multiple tabs for easier access.
  • Some information is required. You will not be able to use CONTINUE or ENROLL STUDENT until you’ve completed all necessary information or forms.
  • Follow each step carefully to complete enrollment for your child.
  • Jot down your User ID and Password.
  1. First submit initial registration form as previously described. Campus personnel will reach out to you with next steps.  (Parent/Guardian of new PK students must also complete the PK Eligibility form.)
  2. Student enrollment is performed electronically using the Ascender Parent Portal.  To create a parent portal account, click on Parent > Parent Portal on this website.  You will use the tab found in the lower left hand corner of the parent portal login page to create your account.  The program will prompt you through each step.
  3. Once you’ve created your account, verification will be sent to your email address.  You will log into your email to verify. You will then be required to log back in to the parent portal using the User ID and Password you’ve just      created.  Use the login tab at the top right corner to log back in.
  4. A Registration Key will be sent to your email. The registration key is case sensitive.  When prompted to retrieve your registration key, instead of typing this information in it is recommended that you copy and paste.
  5. After successfully creating and verifying your parent portal account, you are ready to begin submitting enrollment forms. Click on the Enroll a New Student  button in the center of the page to complete enrollment forms.
  6. Once again, when you have completed and submitted your online registration forms, campus personnel will reach out to you to provide a secure upload link The secure link will be emailed to you.  You will be able to upload required documents such as birth certificate, immunization records, social security card, and proof of residency in a secure manner.  You may either scan or take a picture of your documents (as long as they are legible) to send through the secure link.
  7. When your account has been established and all enrollment forms and documents have been submitted, you will receive a student portal ID number. You will use the Link a Student button in the center of the page to link your   child’s information in Parent Portal to the student software system used by the district. This will give you access to your child’s attendance, grades, electronic   report cards, and custom forms designed for use by each campus.  You will also use the parent portal to update address and contact information throughout the school year if needed.
  8. In the Parent Portal in the left column, you will find LINKS. These are district   links to several resources that you may find useful.
  9. If you have questions regarding enrolling your child, please contact the appropriate campus.  Click on the Contact Information tab at the top of this page.



Click here for information regarding TransportationHaga clic aquí para información de transporte

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