• Place caps lock on.
  • Better functionality if using laptop or computer.
  • You will need your email. Open multiple tabs for easier access.
  • Some information is required. You will not be able to use CONTINUE or ENROLL STUDENT until you’ve completed all necessary information or forms.
  • Follow each step carefully to complete enrollment for your child.
  • Bold items are hyperlinks.
  • Resources can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • Jot down your User ID and Password.     

The following instructions must be followed carefully to complete the enrollment process.  Your child’s enrollment will not be complete until all forms and required documents have been received by the district.

To verify that your address falls within the Celina ISD attendance zones, please use the boundary map.  You may also read more about transportation and registering your child for bus services if needed. Links provided at the bottom of the page.

To begin the enrollment process, we need to collect some information from you regarding your child.

  1. To register a Kindergarten student for the 2021-2022 school year, you must first complete this form: PRE-K/KINDER ENROLLMENT 2021-2022  Once completed proceed to #2.
  2. Gather Required Documents needed for registering your child. To see the list of required documents, use this link. Required Enrollment Documents
  3. Scan documents to a folder or your desktop. It is recommended that you name each document to make them easier to find. You can use your phone as a scanner. Use the link to see how. Phone As A Scanner
  4. You are now ready to create an Ascender Parent Portal. If you already have children enrolled in CISD, you should already have a portal account. Log into Ascender Parent Portal, select my account (people icon top right corner), select the box " Add a New Student" and proceed to step 11.
  5. Use the link to proceed to Ascender Parent Portal and follow the steps to create an account.
  6. Write down your User ID and Password. Once the account has been created, a verification will be sent to your email address. Log out of Ascender Parent Portal. Do not close this tab on your browser.
  7. Open a new tab to verify your email address by logging into your email account. Check your junk/spam folder for an email from [email protected] Follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address. Do not close this tab.
  8. Switch tabs to the Ascender Parent Portal tab. Log into your account. Your email address is now verified and a registration key will be sent to your email. Switch tabs to your email.
  9. The registration key is case/character sensitive. Instead of typing this information in, it is recommended that you copy and paste. Follow the prompts to successfully created your parent portal account.
  10. You may now enroll a new student.
  11. During the enrollment process you will be prompted to upload required documents. (Please refer to the list of required enrollment documents.)
  12. Please complete for each student you are enrolling.
  13. *When enrollment is complete, you will receive a Portal ID to link your enrolled child(ren) to your portal as well as finish any necessary campus specific forms.

*Please note that registrars are still enrolling students for the current school year as well as preparing to close out the current school year. Please be patient as emails will be sent in the order that registration is received, processed, and all information is verified. This may take as many as 5 school days.