The Board of Trustees of the Celina Independent School District authorizes the establishment of the Celina Independent School District School Health Advisory Council. The purpose of the School Health Advisory Council is to provide advice to the Board of Trustees in the areas of health education and any health issues which may impact students in the district. The Council is not given authority for policy decisions and is expected to operate within the guidelines set forth in Senate Bill 1, Section 28.004.


In addition to the School Health Advisory Council Statement of Purpose originally written in 1998, the mission of the SHAC committee’s scope has been modified with the passage of Senate Bill 19 to include the following areas:

Health Services

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Healthy and Safe School Environment

Staff Wellness Promotion

Physical Education

Nutrition Services

Health Education

Parent and Community Involvement

These modifications in Senate Bill 19 have established a process for guiding schools while allowing for greater local decision making that will help make Celina ISD a healthier environment for learning.


Celina Independent School District has adopted policies to ensure that Elementary School, Intermediate School, Middle School, Jr. High School, and High School students are engaged in at least the amount and level of physical activity required by Education Code 28.002(I). [see EHAB and EHAC]

The District’s School Health Advisory Council holds 4 meetings per year. The duties of the SHAC range from recommending curriculum to developing strategies for integrating curriculum into a coordinated school health program encompassing issues such as school health services, counseling services, a safe and healthy school environment, recess recommendations, improving student fitness, mental health concerns, and employee wellness. [see BDF and EHAA] The committee is compirsed of parent volunteers, district nurses, food service personell, and an athletic trainer.

Celina Independent School District has adopted and enforces policies to ensure compliance with TEA’s vending machine and food service guidelines. CISD has also adopted and enforces policies and procedure that prescribe penalties for the use and possession of tobacco products by students and others on school campuses or at school-sponsored or school related activities.

Parents of CISD students can request in writing their child’s physical fitness assessment results at the end of the school year. [see FFAA]