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2022 Summer Reading Assignments

We are once again implementing the summer reading assignments at Celina High School.  This is not meant to be time consuming, but rather an opportunity for students to continue reading over the summer to keep our minds engaged and sharp.  Data shows that the more students read, the higher the scores in all disciplines.  CHS English department is excited about this possibility this summer, and we have tried to encourage some student choice in some areas.  



  • What can students expect from this summer assignment? 

Students can expect for their teachers to begin the 2022-23 school year with an assignment based on the summer reading assignment.  All On-Level classes will discuss the summer reading assignment and then develop their curriculum around the short story or book.  So students can expect an assignment in the first week or two of school. 

Honors and AP students can expect to not only read but also have multiple assignments that can be taken as a grade in the first week or two of school. These assignments all have due dates, so please see the attachment for each class. 

  • How much time will this assignment take my student? 

On-Level students should not take long depending on the assignment.  However, junior and senior assignments may take a bit longer. 

Honors and AP students, assignments for these classes will take longer to complete, so please give yourself ample time to complete all assignments. 

  • Do I need to purchase anything? 

Most of the reading assignments can be found online.  However, printed material can also be found in the office upon request during the summer. 

  • Do all levels have assignments to complete? 

No, if your student is taking On-Level (Not Honors) classes-just read the suggested short story/book. 

However, honors and AP courses have assignments to complete. 

  • What if my student needs help? 

Teachers have attached their school emails in case your student has questions throughout the summer.  Please feel free to reach out to them if needed. Teachers will not check their school emails every day, but most will check regularly throughout the summer. 



Freshmen On Level English I Class (Not Honors): 

Read a short story of your choice from the list below.  A PDF of each story can be found online.  

“Cask of Amontillado”

“There Will Come Soft Rains”

“Death by Scrabble”

“The Lottery”

Freshmen Honors English I Class: 

Click below for information:

Sophomore On-Level English 2 Class (Not Honors): 

Read a short story of your choice from the list below.  A PDF of each story can be found online. 

“Harrison Bergeron”

“Pit and Pendulum”

“The Chaser”

Sophomore Honors English Class: 

Click below for information:

Junior On-Level English Class (Not Honors): 

Read “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” by Edgar Allen Poe. 



Junior AP English 3 Language and Composition Class: 

Click below for information:

Senior On-Level English Class (Not Honors): 

Read Beowulf.  



Senior AP English 4 Literature Class: 

Click below for the information:

Dual Credit Students: 

See your College College website for details on what is needed before the first day of class.