From the Desk of Dr. Tom Maglisceau

Dr. Tom Maglisceau


From The Desk of Tom Maglisceau

February 2021

In 1896, the Alla School was founded by Dr. and Mrs. Moses Hubbard. At that time, children spent less than four months in school and only those who could afford tuition could attend. Their two-story building was named after their daughter, Alla, which started with 108 students. In 1906, Dr. Hubbard passed away, leaving over 1000 acres of land with the understanding that funds generated from the leasing of the land would be used to continue the school and to promote education. In 1923, the Alla school community built a larger two-story building on “Alla Hill” which is now the site of Celina High School. In 1958, the Alla School District consolidated with Celina Independent School District, and our district continues this extremely unique relationship with the Hubbard Trust, which exists to this day with the sole purpose of supporting Celina ISD.

This past December, the Hubbard Trust donated to the district 75 acres of land near the northeast corner of County Road 99 and Louisiana. By the time of this magazine’s publication, Celina ISD will have already broken ground on this property to build our new middle school, which is funded with bonds approved by Celina voters in 2019. In just a few years, we expect to begin work on a new elementary school on a site within this same property. Both of these new opportunities and new beginnings allow us to continue “Paving The Way For Our Future,” while honoring and enhancing the traditions and genuine relationships that make Celina ISD great. May the legacy of Dr. Hubbard and his family remind us all how our own actions and generosity can serve entire generations of children within a community. 

For quite a while now, many of us have talked about the growth that is coming to our city, and certainly new schools demonstrate that the growth is not just coming soon, it is now here. Our new middle school is targeted to open in the fall of 2022, as we move from our current sixth-grade campus and middle school into our new facility. All future middle schools in Celina ISD will maintain the 6th-8th grade configuration. Because of the exponential growth our demographers expect within our district boundary, we anticipate opening new elementary schools in 2023 and perhaps also in 2024. As our district grows, so too will our need for new busses, technology resources, software, and renovations/additions to existing facilities. Again, funds for these facilities and resources have already been approved in the 2019 bond election.

We are excited about the growth in Celina ISD, and we are honored by the responsibility we share to enhance the truly unique facets of our community as we welcome new Bobcats to our schools. We are also excited with our partnerships with City of Celina leaders as we continue a long history of working together to address each challenge as an opportunity and not as a problem. What has always been a strength for our city and our district is the greatest calling in our partnership: true connection is about taking care of one another. I think Dr. Hubbard would be very proud that taking care of our kids remains a commitment within our city and within our district.

We are excited for the challenges ahead, and we are thrilled to welcome a new year that brings new opportunities to serve our families as we continue to serve our kids.