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From The Desk of Rick DeMasters.


As our district prepares for the upcoming bond election scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, it is my intention to answer any questions or concerns that our parents and/or community members may have in regards to the bond election.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing factual information, and My goal is that you will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision at the polls.

First, the bond election and the components involved did not happen overnight.  It started in 2016 with our District Strategic Planning process. Fifty-five stakeholders participated on either the Strategic Design Team and/or Action Teams, that created our Mission, Motto, Vision and Values, known as the MMVV. These were the drivers to establishing the five priorities of our strategic plan:  Community, Excellence, Innovation, Leadership, and Stewardship. Next, strategic objectives and measures were designed to align with these five priorities. The Strategic Plan was approved for the 2017 school year and will guide the District through 2022. It is a living document, which is subject to review, updating, correction and enhancement and is reviewed in front of the CISD Board of Trustees annually. The plan can be found on our website under the district tab/required postings.

Second, the district established a 10-year Facilities Committee, whose purpose was to study enrollment projections, facility priorities, and bonding capacity over the next ten years.  Again, the committee members were comprised of numerous stakeholders that poured over data regarding campus capacities, feeder patterns, configuration of campuses, land acquisitions and facilities for our non-academic programs.  The consensus of the committee members was to retain one high school for as long as possible. Presently, the current capacity of Celina High School is 1500 students. Committee members understood that in order to remain a one high school district, additional classrooms, CTE, athletic and fine arts spaces would be added to maximize the campus capacity to 3000 students.

The committee also agreed that all future elementary campuses will be constructed to serve a capacity of 750 students. Donny O’Dell Elementary will serve as a prototype for future elementary campuses, which will save the district money on design fees.  Facades will differ on future buildings in order to blend with the neighborhood in which they are located. All future middle school campuses will house grades 6-8 with a total student capacity of 1500. District administrators and select faculty members are visiting state-of-the-art middle school campuses around the area to help select attributes that will enhance the academic environment of our middle school students.

The committee was also charged to review several feeder patterns and configurations from districts in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  With the committee’s commitment to having only one high school campus, the Southlake model was chosen to take us through the next ten years. Celina ISD has a footprint of over 97 square miles, which surpasses many area districts. With that in mind, the committee realized that after 10 more years, Celina ISD may have to transition to the McKinney model, which features multiple high school campuses as our District continues to grow.

We are so fortunate to have parents, students, city leadership, our business community, and faculty members that worked tirelessly on perfecting a plan for our future. These volunteers guided their decisions to not only do what is in the best interest of the students we serve, but to also preserve the health and safety of all students and staff.  For more information, please visit our website at




Rick DeMasters

Superintendent of Schools

Celina ISD