From the Desk

From The Desk of Rick DeMasters – June


Just a week ago, I congratulated the Celina High School Class of 2019 during their Commencement ceremony and looked into those faces one last time. Faces that displayed excitement and hope for the future. As I looked out into the audience, those same expressions were exhibited on the faces of their teachers, administrators, and last but not least their parents, who proudly watched them take their first steps towards their future.

A week later, our campuses are empty and you will find my team and I in the midst of preparing for yet another school year. We too, find it hard to believe that we are getting ready to welcome students back to school in a few months, but we are excited about what the future holds for our district and that can be contributed to YOU!

For the past several years, we have researched and collected data from a number of organizations and companies to project the future growth of our district.  We elicited help from business owners, teachers, administrators, parents, city officials and community members to determine the path and the plan that the district would take over the next several years.  That plan included calling for a bond in the amount of $600 million. On election day, over 85% of our community voted in favor of this bond. That victory reflects that our community believes that our students should be provided with top-notch facilities in which to prepare them for what lays ahead.

One of the first projects to start will be the wing construction and renovations to Celina Elementary School. Work is scheduled to begin in October with a completion date set for the fall of 2020.  We have also been meeting with area developers to address sites for our future elementary and middle school campuses. With 4 new elementary campuses, 2 middle school campuses, renovations to Celina High School, maintenance and bus barn facilities, the district will be “under construction” for many years to come.

Also, during the month of June, the district will again be co-hosting OpportUNITY2019 with Region 10. This two day educational workshop for teachers and administrators will feature over ninety presentations, giving those in attendance the ability to design their own professional development that caters to their specific goals.  It is also a great way to connect with educators across not only the DFW area, but the entire State of Texas.

Again, without the support of our Celina ISD faculty, parents and community members our summer plans would have greatly been altered, but your votes reflect not only your commitment to our district, but the value that you place upon our students and their education.  You have entrusted these funds to us and we will continue to be good stewards of your tax dollars. We are excited about the future of our district and how this will impact our students. Thank you for believing in our students and giving us the ability to make their dreams come true!



Rick DeMasters

Superintendent of Schools

Celina ISD