Bilingual & ESL Programs


The Celina ISD Bilingual and ESL program will develop responsible multicultural adults who are equipped with the necessary college and career readiness skills needed to succeed, connect and contribute in an increasingly diverse and global society.


Our mission is to provide rigorous research-based instructional practices to ensure that all English Language Learners have an environment that addresses their linguistic and academic needs in order for them to achieve high levels of proficiency in English and academic standards, as well promote an inclusive, cultural and linguistic learning environment.


ISD Teachers/Staff will have:

Respect of differences and cultures
Fair and equitable access to educational opportunities
High expectations and responsibility for academic progress
Commitment to build an inclusive learning environment

Students will be:

English and Spanish Proficient with high academic proficiency
Knowledgeable of how languages, cultures and people impact global society
Critical thinkers
Leaders and contributors
History of Bilingual Education (Video)


The CISD ESL Program will develop literate and culturally proficient, leaders, and contributors in a diverse and global society.  

English Proficient: Students will develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in English at high linguistic and academic proficiency.
Culturally Proficient: Students will develop an understanding of how languages, cultures, and people impact our global society.

English Learner Programs

Bilingual/ESL Department 

Celina ISD Programs 

  • ESL PK-12 - All Campuses
    • Elementary ESL Program
      • Content Based ESL Program (All English Language Arts  teachers ESL certified)
      • Pull-out ESL Program (ELAR teachers ESL certified)
    • Secondary ESL Program
      • Pull-out ESL Program (ELAR teachers ESL certified)
      • Newcomer  (Pull-out ESL) 


Parent Information Brochures - These brochures are used by LPAC committee to communicate recommended placement in a program and for parent conferences.

Bilingual Education Program Brochures

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Brochures