In the event that the school is closed prematurely (at the discretion of the Superintendent/designee), due to an emergency such as a large fire, power failure, chemical spill, etc., parents must be aware that the following procedures will be followed for the safety of all:
• Do not phone the school (including teachers, secretaries, principal, or staff members). The school must have all telephone lines open for out-going emergency calls.
• Communication regarding the nature of the evacuation will be conveyed by District Administration office via School Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and the CISD website as deemed necessary.
• Roads may be closed. Be prepared that roads near the school may be closed except for emergency vehicles. If you normally drive to the school, please park away from the school grounds and walk in. If you live within walking distance, leave your car at home.
• Please stay calm and cooperative for the protection of all staff and students on site. Do not interfere with the staff. Each teacher or staff member has been assigned an Incident Command role, and is responsible to carrying out his/her emergency duties. In some cases, your child’s teacher may have much larger responsibilities than monitoring his/her classroom. (If this is the case, other staff members are assigned to assume the teacher’s role).
• No student will be released from school unless a parent (or authorized adult designated by the parent listed on the student’s emergency record in the school files) comes for that student. No child will be allowed to leave with another person (even a babysitter, relative, or neighbor).  Because of this, it is imperative that your child’s records are up-to-date. Please take time now to ensure that they are.
• All parents / authorized adults who come to the school for their children must sign them out at the Student Release Area. Student Release Area will be identified and staffed by the campus based on the nature and extent of emergency.
• Parents or authorized adults must bring a government issued picture I.D. and be prepared to show it. This may seem like a nuisance, but it is important for your child’s safety. Students will not be released without proper government issued photo I.D.
• The school is prepared to care for your children in the event that you cannot be notified or are unable to respond to the school. We have several staff members trained to administer first-aid and have set up an infrastructure to deal with emergencies. If necessary, we will set up temporary shelter or relocate the students to another facility. If relocation is necessary, this information will be conveyed to the local television and radio stations as well as campus website.