Department of Police & Public Safety

Celina ISD is committed to ensure that all of its students, staff, and visitors are safe and secure while on campus or while attending any of its many District approved functions. For several years, Celina ISD has devoted significant resources to improve the safety and security around all of its facilities. Some of these improvements include additional security cameras, fencing, access control systems, security vestibules, and alarm systems.

Our Mission

The Celina ISD Public Safety Department's mission is to support the District's overall Mission Statement by providing a safe and secure learning and teaching environment for all staff and students. This will be accomplished by using "Best Practices for Emergency Operations" as directed by FEMA, Homeland Security, the State of Texas, as well as interaction with state and local public safety authorities. The Celina ISD Public Safety Department will utilize internal resources from the CISD Police Department and staff members who are trained and certified in emergency operations, as well as 3rd party public and school safety authorities and consultants.

Celina isd police department

The Celina ISD Police Department is an independent Texas Police agency located within Celina ISD. The Celina ISD Police Department goal is to ensure a safe and secure school environment.

INTERIM CHIEF Michael Proffer

Officer Mike Proffer has been with the Celina ISD since January 2019 is currently assigned to Lykins Elementary Campus.  Proffer has 20+ years of Law Enforcement experience, and is a certified School Based Law Enforcement Officer, Mental Health Officer, Certified Homicide and Child Death and Abuse Investigator, and has experience in narcotics and gang interdiction and holds a Master Level Peace Officer License.  Proffer is also certified in Active Shooter Response and Crisis Intervention Training, and Interview and Interrogation standards, as well as being a certified Sexual Assault Investigator.   Officer Proffer is committed to finding ways to interact and mentor the students in a non-enforcement capacity whenever possible, with the goal of positively influencing the students moving forward.  As such, Officer Proffer welcomes any input or concerns from parents or staff, and looks forward to partnering with both in an effort to offer students every opportunity for success.

Officer Proffer is currently acting as Interim Chief of Police and the district’s Safety and Security Coordinator and has responsibility to ensure that the district is in compliance with Texas School Safety Center audits, conducting campus safety drills as recommended by the state, and operation of the district’s security surveillance and radio systems.

Contact: [email protected]

Officer Robert McKissick

Office Robert McKissick has been with Celina ISD since July 2019 and is currently assigned to the O’Dell Elementary Campus. McKissick has over 17 years as a Law Enforcement officer, he served as a Municipal Police Officer, and as a Deputy Sheriff where he held the rank of Sergeant for approximately 7 years.  He has had multiple responsibilities which included, Patrol Deputy, Patrol Supervisor, Field training Officer, Investigator, Firearms Instructor, Armorer, and Hostage/Crisis negotiator. He served as a special rapid response team member for high threat incidents such as, warrant service, active shooter, and fugitive apprehension, and other critical incidents.  He has over 14 years’ experience as a Law Enforcement Instructor, and Certified law Enforcement Firearms Instructor by the State of Texas.  He is a trained EMT and trained in TCCC, for combat casualties, dealing with trauma and sever injuries usually sustained during combat situations.

Contact: [email protected]

Officer daniel thomas

Officer Daniel Thomas has been a certified Texas Peace Officer with the Celina Police Department since October of 2015. Officer Thomas has been with the Patrol Unit at Celina PD since 2015, is a Field Training Officer (FTO), and a member of Celina’s Special Response Team (SRT) since 2016. In August of 2021, Officer Thomas was chosen to become a School Resource Officer, along with Sergeant Harris, to head up a new School Resource Program with Celina ISD.  Celina Police Department now works alongside with Celina ISD Police Department in an effort to increase safety at all Celina ISD schools. Officer Thomas is currently assigned as the School Resource Officer (SRO) for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade Celina Middle School campuses.

Officer Thomas holds his Intermediate Peace Officer license, and has been a TCOLE certified instructor since 2016. Officer Thomas is a certified SRO with the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO), and holds other certifications including Basic SWAT, Advanced SWAT, First Responder Breaching, School Based Law Enforcement (SBLE), Active Shooter training, Firearms Instructor, Less Lethal Chemical and Impact Weapons, Less Lethal Taser (CEW), and is a certified Mental Health Officer with the Celina Police Department. While the primary role is the student’s safety, Officer Thomas believes in building a bond with the students to build trust between them and the police to help structure them for success in the future. Some of his goals are to work with the ISD Police, ISD staff, Celina Police Department and community together to build a mentorship program for the students in the near future.

Contact: [email protected]

sergeant jonathan harris

Sergeant Jonathan Harris has been with the Celina Police Department since November or 2016. In August of 2021, the Celina Police Department partnered with Celina ISD Police Department in an effort to increase safety at all Celina ISD Schools. Sergeant Harris is currently assigned as the School Resource Officer at the Celina High School.

Sergeant Harris has approximately 10 years of law enforcement experience and has served as a Patrol Officer, Detective for Crimes Against Children as well as Family Violence, Patrol Sergeant, and currently is the Sergeant over the School Resource Unit. Sergeant Harris holds an Advanced Peace Officer License and is a TCOLE Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Less Lethal Weapons Instructor, Mental Health Peace Officer, Certified School Based Law Enforcement Officer, and Hostage Negotiator. Sergeant Harris is one of the founding members of the Celina Special Response Team (SRT) and has his Basic and Advanced SWAT certification. He is also trained in FEMA “Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools”.

Sergeant Harris is committed to building a positive relationship with our students and developing programs that benefit the students and community.

Contact: [email protected]