Department of Health Services

Celina ISD employs a school nurse at each campus to provide healthcare to students and promote a healthy school environment. We believe each student should be offered health resources to assist in maximizing educational opportunities. Each professional school nurse has the responsibility to assist any and all students in need. Various resources regarding health concerns, vaccinations and more can be found below.

Our Nursing Staff

Celina Primary School
Taylor Bullin
469-742-9104 ext. 2104

Celina Elementary School
Rebecca Russell
469-742-9103 ext. 1704

O'Dell Elementary School
LeighAnn Baker
469-742-9106 ext. 1404

Celina Sixth Grade Center
Jessica Hawthorn
469-742-9105 ext. 1204

Celina Junior High School
Jessica Hawthorn
469-742-9101 ext. 2304

Celina High School
Missy Tuinstra
469-742-9102 ext. 2504

DocumentResource TypeAccessSize
Anaphylaxis Action PlanPDFDownload70kb
Asthma Action PlanPDFDownload162kb
Seizure Action PlanPDFDownload227kb
Asthma AuthorizationPDFDownload122kb
Medication AuthorizationPDFDownload31kb
Flu Information (Eng)PDFDownload414kb
Flu Information (Spa)PDFDownload297kb
Immunization Requirements (Eng)PDFDownload360kb
Immunization Requirements (Spa)PDFDownload359kb
Head Lice InformationPDFDownload50kb