The front parking lot (facing east towards Bluewood) is for morning carpool drop-off and afternoon pick-up only. The back parking lot (facing west towards Carter Ranch) is for faculty parking and buses. Only carpool students are dismissed from the front entrance. When entering the parking lot for afternoon carpool pick-up, parents must have their carpool tag number visible, and an O’Dell Elementary employee records your number. Each student waits at a designated spot on the sidewalk in the order of the cars in line.

Students who walk, ride bikes, skateboards, and scooters are dismissed from the west side of the building after the buses have exited. Parents are welcome to walk up to the west doors and wait outside to greet students as they are dismissed. Parents are not allowed to park in faculty parking to pick up students. Occasionally there are a few exceptions for parents to drive through to drop-off/pick-up at the west side of the school, but they must be pre-approved by Principal Ceci to do so.