Dear Parents,

Earlier today, districts across the state experienced connectivity issues with the state’s STAAR Online Testing Platform (SOTPO). This impacts only the high school students taking the End of Course Exam (EOC) in English 1, and 4th and 7th grade students taking the STAAR Writing Test. Some districts had all students taking assessments online; however, in Celina ISD, only a small number of students were taking these assessments online. Because Celina ISD online testing students were not able to log in this morning, they never began their assessments.

All paper assessments will be completed today; however, at the direction of the Texas Education Agency (TEA), we are suspending testing today for online testing only. Those Celina HS students scheduled for online testing will test on Thursday. Celine ISD 7th and 4th grade students scheduled for online testing will test tomorrow. If the TEA communicates to districts that they are not able to remedy the issue on their end, we will notify parents as we receive new direction from TEA.


Russell McDaniel
Celina ISD Director for Special Programs and Accountability