Dear Bobcats,

During the March Celina ISD School Board meeting, the Trustees heard the perspective of parents, district staff, and survey data in considering whether to continue all current protocols for COVID prevention and mitigation. In particular, the Board considered whether to continue current practice and protocols for face covering mandates for students and staff. Based upon the feedback presented this evening, the Board has amended current protocols for students and staff as follows:

  • Current protocols remain in effect for students and staff in grades 7-12;
  • In grades PK-6, face coverings are optional in the classroom at teacher and/or campus administration direction.
  • Students in 6th grade who participate in classes in the 7-8 grade facility will be required to follow current protocols while in that facility.

All other current protocols remain in place, including face covering requirements on district busses and in all other facilities.

We will continue to monitor the health of our community, the input from staff, students, and our families, and the ability of all staff to receive a COVID vaccine if they wish to do so. We will provide our staff and families with any new information as we move forward.

We value the feedback we have received from all members of our community, and there remain many different perspectives, each with valid concerns. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to serve all perspectives.

Tom Maglisceau, PhD

Superintendent, Celina ISD