The following information is being provided to clarify the decisions made by the Celina ISD Board as they reviewed current COVID safety practices and procedures for students and staff:

  • Face coverings remain a requirement for all students on district transportation.
  • Current protocols remain in effect for students and staff in grades 7-12;
  • 6th grade students must follow current protocols for 7-8 grade students while participating in classes on the 7-8 grade campus;
  • In grades PK-6, face coverings are optional in the classroom at teacher and/or campus administration direction;
  • In grades PK-6, students and staff are still required to wear a face covering during arrival, hallway transitioning, and dismissal.

All other current safety practices and procedures remain in effect, including protocols for visitors in district facilities.

We will continue to monitor the health of our community, the input from staff, students, and our families, and the ability of all staff to receive a COVID vaccine if they wish to do so. We will provide our staff and families with any new information as we move forward.

Tom Maglisceau, PhD

Superintendent, Celina ISD