Dear Bobcats,

Just before spring break, Governor Abbott issued an executive order rescinding his former order that mandated face coverings in public buildings. Recent direction from the Governor’s office and TEA allows school boards to enforce face covering requirements at local discretion. However, individuals are “strongly encouraged” by the Governor to continue wearing a face covering wherever it is not feasible to maintain social distancing from others. 

Celina ISD has heard concerns from families and staff on both sides of the issue, and survey data from our parents slightly favors the continuance of our current face covering policy in our schools. Staff survey data varies from grade level to grade level. The CISD Board has not yet met to receive a recommendation from the District and to discuss options for ensuring student and staff safety. Thus, please know that CISD will continue to maintain current COVID safety protocols, including a requirement for all students in grades 4-12, and all staff, to wear masks in school. 

Student and staff safety remains our top priority in Celina ISD. We will continue to monitor the health of our community, the input from staff, students, and our families, and the ability of all staff to receive a COVID vaccine if they wish to do so. We will provide our staff and families with any new information as we move forward.

Based upon the feedback we have received, there are many different perspectives on this matter with valid concerns both supporting and opposing a face covering requirement in our schools. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to serve all perspectives.

Tom Maglisceau, PhD

Superintendent, Celina ISD