January 22, 2021


Dear CISD Parents,

This past week, we’ve had to transition two campuses to virtual learning, and are continuing to monitor all campuses due to a high number of positive COVID cases. We are working diligently to prevent the need to shift to virtual learning district-wide, and we need the help of our families. 

We have experienced a significant decline in communication from parents involving family members diagnosed with COVID. As you continue monitoring the health of your family, we need your help sharing critical information with campus teams so that we may mitigate any potential spread to classmates and campus staff. We cannot overemphasize the importance of following district procedures for reporting absences to your child’s campus as we work together to maintain the safety of our schools.

Please know that we continue to see many families reporting that their students tested positive after various activities that occur outside of the school day. Unfortunately, COVID is still with us and we must remain vigilant in our efforts both in and outside of school to protect our students and staff. Working together, we can help ensure that our students and staff can continue in-person learning in an environment that is safe for all members of our school communities.  


Dr. Tom Maglisceau Dr. John Mathews

Superintendent Assistant Superintendent