A minimum requirement for virtual learning is internet access. If a family choosing virtual learning does not have internet access at home, they are encouraged to contact their campus for support. Virtual learners utilizing a district-provided iPad can access the district's wireless network from outside of any campus building; however, we cannot guarantee adequate bandwidth and coverage in all locations.


Student account credentials follow the pattern outlined below.

Email: Last two digits of student ID + firstname + lastname +

Password: cisd + six digit student ID + !

Student account example for student John Doe with student ID 123456.


Password: cisd123456!


Virtual Learning Begins on Wednesday, August 19.

Please check into your class either by contacting your classroom teacher, attending your class Zoom/Meet, and/or by completing activities in Google Classroom. Students who do not check in on the first day of class will be counted as a “no show,” and will not be considered enrolled until they attend their virtual class.


Virtual learners must meet the daily progress requirements for each class in which they are enrolled. To be counted present in any class, a student must meet at least one of the three requirements set by TEA: daily assignments completed, daily progress demonstrated, or teacher contact by email, phone, or digital conference.

Teachers will mark attendance each day once they have documentation that students have met the attendance requirements.

Please contact your campus if you have any questions.


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If you are utilizing your own device, please verify you have access to Gmail, Google Classroom, and Google Calendar.

If you're using a district-provided iPad, please be sure you have completed the following prior to your child's first day of school:

  1. Access the Self Service application on the home screen.  
  2. Find and install each application listed below.
    1. Gmail
    2. Google Classroom
    3. Google Calendar
    4. Google Drive

Any additional applications can be installed via the Self Service application.


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First steps

After installing the Google Suite applications or verifying access to the Google Suite, students and parents can begin monitoring their school-provided gmail account for updates by using the provided credentials.

To begin with Google Classroom, please check the student's gmail account for messages from your child’s teachers. Emails should be received with an invitation to join the teacher's online Google Classrooms.


CampusStart TimeEnd Time
Celina Primary School7:453:15
Donny O'Dell Elementary7:553:25
Marcy Lykins Elementary7:553:25
Celina Sixth Grade Center8:153:55
Celina Junior High8:153:55
Celina High School8:454:10


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