Beginning Monday, March 23, Celina ISD will be monitoring student participation in Google Classroom.

You will receive an email from your teachers in regard to the online learning process. These emails will give you informational updates and daily assignments. Please check on your friends to make sure they are receiving the emails.  If they are not, please have them contact the CJH campus.

For each day of online learning, please:

  • Read all emails from teachers
  • Login daily to Google Classroom for assignments from teachers
  • Complete online assignments by due dates
  • Students who are in need of assistance or have questions about their work should attend the live support sessions from their teachers.
  • Assignments will only count as daily grades for student’s work.

For news regarding our district and COVID-19, visit: 

For technical support and information, visit:

We understand that this is new and different. We are all learning together!  My staff and I are here to support you with your questions. We are available Monday – Thursday between the hours of 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM to answer any phone calls.

Thank you,

Mr. Russell McDaniel, Principal