At Celina Primary School, we strive to provide a safe, learning environment for every child. The safety of students and staff is of utmost priority.  Celina ISD and Celina Primary School have taken measures to ensure everyone’s safety. We ask that you please read the visitor policy below and familiarize yourself with our procedures when visiting our campus.


All visitors must present a valid government issued identification when entering the building. Your identification will be collected and a name tag will be issued to you.  The name tag must be worn and visible at all times during your campus visit. Your identification is returned when you sign out of the building.


Visitors may sit with their child at the designated visitor tables.  Your child may invite one friend to sit with you. Please do not share any food or purchase any snacks for other students. Please do not take pictures or video of any children. After lunch, parents need to return to the office. Lunch visitors may not walk students back to class.