Congratulations to the Celina ISD FFA for their achievements at Collin County Junior Livestock Show!

FFA Results

Hugh Jackson  – 6th Place
Samantha Scano – 2nd Place & 4th Place 9 (Made Sale)
Mallory Davis
Ava Francis
Brie Francis
Shane Butler – 8th Place
Cooper Dishman  – 9th Place
Lorenzo Rangel – 8th Place
Dawson Beavers – 3rd Place (Made Sale)
Brody Beavers – 7th Place (Made Sale)
Zane Standridge – 3rd Place & 3rd Place (Made Sale)
Ethan Standridge – 5th Place & 6th Place (Made Sale)
Payton Maynard
Victoria Meinen
Elyse Layman – 11th Place
Caden Worthey

Shop Projects
Elyse Layman – Blue Ribbon, Reserve Division Champion (Made Sale)
Caleb Miller – Blue Ribbon, 2nd Place in Class
Noah Shirley – Blue Ribbon, 3rd Place in Class
Lorenzo Rangel – Blue Ribbon, 1st Place in Class
Amber Mitchell – Blue Ribbon, 2nd Place in Class

Noah Shirley – 7th & 11th Place
Sadie Southwell – 12th Place
Rebecca Shuler – 4th & 7th Place (Made Sale)
Ava Shirley – 4th Place

Market Goats
Noah Shirley – 1st and 5th Place (Made Sale)
Ava Shirley – 4th Place (Made Sale)
Sam Shirley – 6th Place (Made Sale)
Brielle Hall – 7th Place & 9th Place
Lily Henderson – 7th Place & 8th Place
Taylor Shinpaugh – 1st Place and Grand Champion of Division, 1st Place and Reserve Champion of Division, Reserve Champion Goat Overall (Made Sale)
Kaylea Hastings – 4th Place (Made Sale)

Breeding Goats
Taylor Shinpaugh – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place, Grand Champion Commercial Breeding Goat, Reserve Champion Over-all Breeding Goat
Noah Shirley – 2nd place
Hunter Dean – 6th Place
Savannah Swanson – 5th Place
TexieAnna Forkner – 3rd Place

Brooklyn Wolfe
Gavin Moses
Owen Moses

Brooklyn Wolfe – 3rd Place

TexieAnna Forkner – 7th Place
Grace Lambert – 5th Place
Morgan Gracy – 4th Place & 9th Place (Made Sale)
Breyton Webb – 1st Place (Made Sale)
Chloe Miller – 3rd Place
Caleb Miller – 3rd Place
Hayleigh Theurer (Made Sale)
-1st Place
-Reserve Division Champion
Hannah Ubanoski – 3rd Place (Made Sale)

Caleb Miller – 1st Place
William DeLobbe – 1st Place and Reserve Breed Champion