Congratulations to Celina Junior High and all Celina Junior High Students who participated in UIL! Celina Junior High placed 1st overall in Academic UIL! Individual and Team results can be found below.

8th Grade:
Art – 1st
Calculator Applications – 1st
Dictionary Skills – 1st
Maps, Graphs, and Charts – 1st
Mathematics – 3rd
Number Sense – 2nd

7th Grade:
Chess Puzzles – 1st
Listening Skills – 3rd
Maps, Graphs, Charts – 3rd
Science – 2nd
Spelling – 3rd

Individual Places
-Ryan Reemts – Mathematics – 3rd place
-Jazmin Guitierrez – Mathematics 4th Place and Modern Oratory 3rd Place
-Josh Wahl – Mathematics 2nd place and Number Sense 4th Place
-Maggie Mathews – Ready Writing 1st place
-Alondra Llamas – Dictionary Skills 1st and Art 3rd
-Sara Ortiz – Dictionary Skills 3rd and Art 5th
-Andrew Purvis – Chess Puzzles – 1st
-Peniel Arroyo – Music Memory – 4th
-Andy Hatcher – Music Memory 2nd, Number Sense 6th, Spelling 6th
-Bradley Plunkett – Music Memory 4th
-Blakelon Patterson – Oral Reading – 3rd
-Susan Edwards -Oral Reading -5th
-Avery Roane – Oral Reading 6th
-John Depaolo – Oral Reading – 2nd
-Madison Hagenbrock – Oral Reading 3rd
-Abby Norris – Modern Oratory – 1st and Number Sense 2nd
-Fiona Smith – Impromtu Speaking – 3rd
-Grayci Oldfield – Impromtu Speaking – 5th
-Lily Perkins – Science 1st
-Vivian Hubbard – Listening Skills – 5th place
-Zac Turci – Number Sense – 2nd
-Colin Hurd – Editorial Writing – 2nd
-Haylee Turner – Editorial Writing – 4th
-Andrew Aubuchon – Maps, Graphs, Charts – 6th
-Grace Newbold – Art – 1st
-Ava Ford – Art – 5th
-Hillary Torres – Art – 1st
-Carson Cunningham – Spelling – 3rd
-Seth Goolsby – Spelling – 4th
-Dani Garcia – Calculator Apps – 1st
-Marisa Veliz – Calculator Apps – 5th