Children's Health

Children’s Telehealth lets your child see a doctor or nurse practitioner through a virtual connection in the school nurse’s office. A pediatrician or nurse practitioner will diagnose your child and even call in a prescription to your chosen pharmacy, if needed. It’s one more way that we’re working to make childhood, and parenthood, just a little simpler.

With your permission, your child can be treated through Telehealth for common conditions such as:

* Coughs and colds, and flu

* Asthma and allergies

* Ear aches and sore throat

* Fever

* Headache

* Pinkeye

* Rashes or skin irritations

* Head lice

Preregistration in the program by the parent is required. Please go to to enroll.

If you have commercial insurance or Medicaid, Children’s Health will collect and verify coverage information. If you don’t have insurance or if your insurance provider does not cover Telehealth visits, we still encourage you to use Telehealth, and an invoice of no more than $50 will be sent to you after your child’s visit.