Our District is committed to keeping your child safe while at school. As a result of this commitment, WE WILL…

  • QUESTION all visitors regarding their business on campus before they are permitted entry.
  • REQUIRE each visitor to provide a current government issued ID card that will be entered into our visitor management system to screen for any security issues. Identification card will remain at the front desk until the visitor has concluded their visit.
  • REQUIRE all visitors to wear district issued visitor badges that are easily visible, at all times while on campus.
  • ENGAGE any visitor not wearing a district issued badge and immediately escort individual(s) to the front office for resolution.
  • REPORT all threats or suspicious behavior to the CISD Police Department immediately.
  • INITIATE immediate lockdown of campus for any non-compliant and/or disruptive individual(s) that appear to be or may become a threat.
  • INVESTIGATE all safety concerns reported to the security hotline and act swiftly to resolve these concerns.
  • SECURE all exterior campus doors during school hours.
  • REQUIRE all staff members to attend yearly security training and any updates to safety protocol during the school year.
  • ACHIEVE 100% compliance performing state required safety drills.
  • PROMOTE a culture on this campus that empowers all to be an agent for safety.