Celina Independent School District

Welcome Back!  It is my pleasure to welcome our students, parents, faculty, staff, and school board members back for the 2017-2018 school year.  My hope is that all of you were able to spend quality time with your families and are recharged and ready to take on this new year.

It is an exciting time not only for our district but for the North Texas corridor, as predicted, the growth that we have previously discussed is becoming a reality, especially when you see the multitude of commercial developments that are underway in neighboring districts.  Celina ISD will be opening two new campuses this year, and construction projects are in full swing at Celina High School to include the addition of a new academic wing and concessions for the high school athletic field.

Last year, community members, teachers, administrators, and city leaders met and established the CISD Strategic Plan, which ties together our mission, motto, and vision with our strategic priorities, objectives, and measures.  A review was conducted of the action steps taken within the foundational components of the plan.  These action steps are subject to constant review, correction, and enhancement in order to optimize positive growth in the targeted areas of Community, Excellence, Innovation, Leadership, and Stewardship. Throughout the year, I will be updating all of you on our progress as we begin year two of our Strategic Plan.

Welcome Back and Together, we will make this year the best ONE yet!  

Recent News

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             August 20, 2017

Dear Celina ISD Parents and Students;

Earlier, this summer, we became aware that the solar eclipse would take place on the same day as our first day of school for the district.  A question of safety was expressed after numerous school districts outside of the State of Texas cancelled school due to this rare event.  In recent days, eyewear specially designed for viewing has also come under scrutiny and products have been sold that are not approved through NASA and have been deemed unsafe.

After much research and the recommendations of our medical staff, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of our students to not physically observe the eclipse. Due to the risk of retinal damage that could possibly occur, CISD students will remain inside during the most significant times of the eclipse, which is scheduled to take place between the hours of 11:40am - 2:40pm.  

As a district, we do recognize the significance of this event, but we must also take into account the safety of our students.  An email was sent to our faculty earlier this week, regarding procedures for the eclipse.  All students will have the opportunity to view the eclipse through NASA’s online live streaming throughout the day during their science classes.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your campus administration for further information.  Again, we appreciate your understanding and support!

Rick DeMasters

Superintendent of Schools

Celina ISD