Elementary Campus Configuration

Campus Configuration and Boundary Mapping Information

CISD Superintendent Mr. Rick DeMasters held a community-wide meeting to discuss the process taken to create the attendance boundaries and campus configurations for the 2017-2018 school year. The bulleted information below is included for those that were not able to attend the meeting.

Campus Teaching Assignments

    • A very difficult process that included many months of analysis and discussion among the administrative committee.
    • The goal was to establish the most effective instructional environment for all of our students.
    • Assignments were shared with staff on January 6, 2017.
    • It was extremely important to the design committee to not only provide equal strengths to all campuses, but also be sensitive and compassionate to the anxieties of staff, students and our community that “change” creates. Our goal was to create a climate for success and to build on the strengths of each individual involved.
    • These assignments have the potential to change if numbers or logistical dynamics create different needs.
  • At the end of the day, these decisions and all decisions that CISD makes are made in the best interest of the students we serve!

Campus Configurations

  • The District goal is to maximize our facilities by being good stewards with of taxpayer dollars. For more information on how your local school tax dollars are distributed by the State of Texas, go to www.taxparencytexas.org.
  • Celina Primary School will open in what is currently the Intermediate campus and will house PPCD, PreK and Kindergarten grade level students. Doors will open this fall with an estimated enrollment of 250-300 students. We are excited with the opportunity to create a premier Early Childhood campus to better prepare students for the upper grades.
  • For the first time in our history, we will open two Elementary campuses that will be home to grades 1-5. Our current elementary school has a capacity of 600 students. The new elementary will have the capacity for 750 students. Programs, curriculum alignment, vision, philosophies, and expectations will mirror one another for any potential transition from one campus to another.
  • The current Middle School campus will be home to our 6th grade students, but they will technically, once again become a part of the Junior High campus configuration.
  • These new configurations will allow CISD to grow for the next several years before the district is faced with having to build additional instructional facilities.

Boundary Mapping

  • Templeton Demographics was contacted to update the district demographic information. They were also charged with designing a district boundary map. Many factors were taken into consideration as this process developed.
  • How to create equalization on all campuses with all programs.
  • Trying not to create campuses of haves and have nots.
  • Identifying all categories by addresses to include grade levels, ethnicity, and special programs.
  • Creating attendance areas that would largely be contiguous and that would create clear divisions of boundaries.
  • Establishing a standard of neighborhood schools as we continue to grow.
  • Evaluation of transportation routes to be as efficient as possible, giving consideration to minimal ride times within established boundaries.
  • Allowance for initially smaller school populations due to the anticipated growth rates.
  • Utilizing all district facilities to best facilitate growth and maximize academic programs.
  • CISD Board of Trustees approved the Boundary mapping at the January 23rd Board meeting.

For questions or concerns regarding the 2017-2018 Campus Configuration and Boundary Mapping, contact information is listed below.

CISD Superintendent Mr. Rick DeMasters - rickdemasters@celinaisd.com
CISD Assistant Superintendent Mr. Bill Hemby - billhemby@celinaisd.com
CISD Assistant Superintendent Mr. John Mathews - johnmathews@celinaisd.com
CISD Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Lori Sitzes - lorisitzes@celinaisd.com