Parent Transportation Procedures

Transportation Department Procedures For Parents

1. Student Ridership Eligibility

  • All regular students are eligible to ride the bus only if they live 2 or more miles from their campus. 
  • Students with special needs are an exception to this rule as long as they are approved by an ARD committee.

2. Bus Conduct Cards

  • Your child/children will be issued a blue bus conduct card following Labor Day. The top portion of the card explains the rules of the bus and penalties for breaking the rules. It is very important that you read and review this information with your child/children.
  • The bottom portion of the bus conduct card is a perforated card that you need to complete, sign, and return to the bus driver. You must complete one card per child.
  • Bus Conduct Cards will be handed out during the first part of the school year and must be returned to the driver the next time your child rides. Any child that does not return their completed and signed bus conduct card will not be eligible to ride the bus.

3. Bus Conduct Procedures

  • After exhausting all other reasonable means of discipline, the bus driver will complete a Bus Conduct Report.
  • When a Bus Conduct Report is completed, an investigation will be conducted involving the Transportation Director and campus principal to determine the disciplinary action and the parent will be notified.
  • Principals will receive a copy of the Bus Conduct Report and the Transportation Department will keep one on file as well.
  • Please direct all Bus Conduct Report questions and concerns to Transportation Director Jerry Moore, at 469-742-9114.

4. Child Ride-Along Policy

  • If your child is going to have another student ride the bus to or from school with them, it is necessary to have a note from the parent. You may also contact the Transportation Department at 469-742-9114.
  • Celina ISD Transportation Department will not transport ineligible students without proper permission. 

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