Registration Information

Student Registration – New and Returning

New Students or students returning to us after having been withdrawn

Celina ISD proudly serves students living in our community in grades EE – 12. Parents may contact their child’s prospective campuses for registration forms or print the New Student Enrollment Packet from this website. All completed registration forms, along with the required documentation listed below should be turned into the appropriate campus. Contact information is as follows:


Celina Primary School
507 E. Malone Street
Amy Barley, PEIMS Secretary
Nancy Alvarez, Principal
Celina Elementary School
550 S. Utah Street
Leanne Goolsby, PEIMS Secretary
Starla Martin, Principal
O’Dell Elementary School
750 Punk Carter Pkwy
(to be determined)
Shelsea Cobb, PEIMS Secretary
Stacy Ceci, Principal

Celina Junior High School

3455 N. Preston Road
Karen Nylec, PEIMS Secretary
Russell McDaniel, Principal
6th Grade Campus
706 E. Pecan Street
Karen Nylec, PEIMS Secretary
Kim Kincaid, 6th Gr Principal
Celina High School
3455 N. Preston Road
Jeanene Lester, PEIMS Secretary
David Wilson, Principal

Documentation Needed

Celina ISD does not accept out of district transfers.
Residency within the Celina ISD school boundaries must be established prior to the first day of school.

  1. Proof of Residency: This must be a current electric bill or water bill stating your name and the physical address of the home (we cannot accept P.O. Boxes).

If you are moving into Celina ISD, you may not have the required proof of residency (electric or water bill) to complete the enrollment process. If you do not have a current electric or water bill you may be able to get a receipt from the electric or water companies showing the established account. The receipt must be dated, include the physical address of the home you live in, and the parent/guardian’s name.

If you are:

Leasing a home or apartment in Celina ISD: If you are not able to bring a water or electric bill, you may bring a copy of a lease agreement or contract showing the physical address of the home and the beginning and end date of the lease or contract. The contract or lease agreement must be current, include the physical address of the home you live in, and the parent/guardian’s name.

Living with a current Celina resident: If you are living with a current Celina resident, you and the person you are living with will need to complete a Residency Affidavit. Residency Affidavits may be completed at your child(ren)'s campus and must be notarized. Your child will attend the campus that the Celina address is zoned for.

  • Celina Residents will need to bring:
    • Copy of a current utility bill (electric or water) that includes their name and the physical address of the home - The utility bill must be in the name of the person who comes with you to sign the affidavit.
    • Driver’s License or photo ID
  • Parent/Guardian will need to bring:
    • Driver’s License or photo ID
  • Notaries are available at each campus.

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the above residency scenarios apply to your family, the information above MUST be provided by the parent/guardian for approval prior to the beginning of the school year.

2. Student’s Social Security Card – optional. If social security number is not available, the student will be assigned the number used at their previous Texas school or a state assigned ID number.

3. Student’s Birth Certificate or Passport – If enrolling a child under the age of 11, the child’s birth certificate is required.

4. Copy of the student’s last report card or a copy of the student’s high school transcript–optional. Counselors may not be able to schedule students into the appropriate classes without these documents.

5. Withdrawal papers from the student’s previous school. It is not necessary to bring these during the summer months or if the student completed the school year at their previous school.

6. Current Immunization Records. Immunizations must be reviewed by the school nurse to ensure compliance with the state of Texas requirements.

7. Copy of Parent/Guardian’s Driver's License or government-issued photo ID.

8. A copy of any legal paperwork regarding custody or safety issues for your child – if applicable.

Returning Students – Annual Registration

Beginning in August of each year, the district will facilitate annual registration activities to help parents and students prepare for the coming school year; ie Back to School Fair, Meet the Teacher Night, etc. Parents or Legal Guardians will submit updated registration information online via the txConnect Parent Portal application, complete other necessary forms specific to their child’s campus, and present annual Proof of Residence. These things must all be completed before the first day of school. Dates of events and instructions will be provided to parents/guardians through several avenues such as newsletters, flyers, social media outlets, the district website, and mail outs. If you do not have a current Parent Portal account, please see the information posted on this website regarding parent portal or contact the appropriate campus for your child for information. New students or those returning after being withdrawn from the district cannot receive a parent portal ID until after they are enrolled.