Campus Traffic Flow

s-1_CIS Traffic Flow

Celina Intermediate School Traffic Flow for Student Pick-Up

February 09, 2015

In an effort to expedite the PICK UP traffic flow at the Celina Intermediate School, the District’s Safety and Security Department, in conjunction with campus Administration has developed this revised plan effective Feb. 9th, 2015.

4th grade parents should approach the campus via Malone St. from the west and enter the rear parking lot using a counter clockwise traffic pattern. After pick up, vehicles MUST TURN LEFT heading westbound on Malone St.

3rd grade parents should approach the campus via Malone St. from the east (Preston Rd.) and enter the front parking lot using a counter clockwise traffic pattern. If you are picking up ONLY students at this campus, please stay in the the far right lane (next to the curb), and proceed with through traffic when you are done turning right on Malone St.

If you are picking up students at this campus as well as waiting for students at the Middle School/Jr High School, please park in one of the available parking spaces. We ask that all vehicles parking in the middle parking spaces park facing EAST, and vehicles parking in the parking spaces next to the playground back into those spaces facing WEST. This will expedite your departure and make for a safer entry into the traffic pattern.

If you are not picking up students at the Intermediate School campus, we ask that you pick up your students at their assigned campuses and avoid the CIS campus altogether.

Thank you for your cooperation.