Celina Independent School District

Over the past year, my monthly reflections have followed a similar theme that revolves around growth.  It’s not a secret and whether we love it or hate it, the reality is that our city and our district will be dealing with this matter for many, many years to come.  There are positive and negative aspects when dealing with growth. The positives include economic growth, the development of new jobs/positions, and creating partnerships between businesses and the district to give our students opportunities that we have never had the ability to provide.  On the flip side, the negatives can include pollution, overcrowding, ongoing construction, and the possibility of change to traditions and the small town life as we have come to know.

Over the past several years, Celina ISD has been gathering data from neighboring school districts to help us better plan for the future.  From what worked well to what not to do gives us an advantage during our strategic sessions as we continue to map out the timeline that will shape our district for the years to come. During these sessions, the bottom line always comes down to money.  No school district has at their disposal the funds needed to construct buildings and/or improve existing facilities. This is a process that takes many years to bring to fruition. On top of our facility needs, the state continues to cut funding, which forces districts to sever opportunities for students and faculty in order to allocate money where it will have the most impact.  

Last month, a charge was sent from the Texas Association of School Boards to every school district in the State of Texas to create a culture of voting. TASB’s belief is that changes need to be made in Austin and these changes will come through exercising one’s right to vote. The Celina School Board signed a resolution that... Click here to read full article.

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